The Sentient Meat Crafting illusory Identities


Shoes 'talk' to our phones, measure your heart rate and post burned calories, on Facebook.
An unremarkable reality of today.
As silicon shrinks and neuroscience advances it’s feasible to imagine having your 
brain monitored by a device in your pocket.
You’re in a gallery.
A certain piece induces a contemplative thought process or coaxes a certain emotion. Neat, yet quite vague.
The interpretation is encumbered by anthropomorphic mistakes, that is why the
value of art is so ambiguous.

Particular orders of neural-firings, could be linked to a multitude of desirable effects upon a person. The data computed and a particularly ‘neurally-poignant’ work of art ‘upvoted’. A quantifiable scheme.
An objective method democratise art and elevate exposure of hitherto ambiguous subliminal impact.
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