The Sentient Meat Crafting illusory Identities


I’m overwhelmed in most crowds. A daunting stroke of everyone chipping away at my personal claim for sentience engulfs and consumes the hitherto fine rhythm. To infect me as it seems, with foreign DNA and spread their own selves beyond the boundaries of their physical origin. Akin to a pop-up ad with a primary objective to gain access to my mind, occupy and exploit the precious resources of computation my senses voluntarily invite. In conversation we actively filter perception and discriminate information and thus there is at least partial control over what we choose to assimilate. Obtrusive thoughts may have a similar effect, as if these brain worms have their own views on what the purpose of the colony ought to be. Meditation comes to mind - an obtrusive thought par excellence.


Excluding the facetious type only, arrogance has an unconscious element seated firmly within it's fundaments. When someone acts with unwarranted confidence or overbearing pride, it is as if they know not what they do, because a type of ignorance, an incomplete picture of reality blinds them. External cues indicating the way they are perceived are not always sufficient even to plant a seed of doubt.
To be arrogant of something then, is to lack knowledge therein. And we cannot intend to behave a certain way unless we are fully conscious of what it entails.


Relieving our affliction by alleviating the hardships of the have-nots is merely spreading the conditions that substantiate it. Who gives us the right to trade in the problems of others and imbue them with our own? Need prime directive like yesterday.


I refuse to dabble in a forensic analysis of the past by myself, let alone with a third party. Chiefly due to the ‘facts’ being impossible to agree upon more often than I’d like, because 'information' put forward has been stored within a highly unreliable medium, not to mention the twists emotions tend to add to memories, turning the actual events into an insidious parody.


If I don’t get things I want, only what I deserve. Does wanting more than I deserve create a sort of paradox? And is honesty then an attempt to fulfil it?


The object of ritual (sacrifice) is to secure full life and to escape from evil.... A. M. Hocart

Thus rituals however egregious and costly, provide hope. Where as the alternative would be peril. An individual must perform this bizarre dance of the zeitgeist or risk being immediately ostracised. And society as a whole, must continually generate new rituals, as misguided as those may be at times, for even sacrifice of fellow organisms pales in comparison to the vacuous existence with nothing worthy to control or cling onto. Or worse yet.. soggy nachos.