The Sentient Meat Crafting illusory Identities


A large portion of us conceive the means of deriving meaning through the social and cultural mandate. Conventional ‘truths’ such as: work enriches the soul, the common good, altruism are quite pervasive and are perhaps necessary to retain order within large populace. Some are endorsed by or constrained in the direction of evolutionary residue as well - bonding with the similarly-minded or genetically suitable members of the herd being the prime example.
Distinct as these two forces may be, they are undoubtedly linked in the pursuit of meaning. Both represent a dependency on the path that is largely uncontested and more importantly spontaneous (in a sense that it requires no expense in energy or work). The terms such as ‘the system’ emerges, further exemplifying the isolation that the sources of meaning production are suffering from in terms of variety.

Seeing that we are permanently pinned within our own isolated minds, unable to breach the barriers into the ones of others, this seems as slightly absurd and certainly arbitrary mode.
Someone who’s onto it has potentially unrestricted access to resources - through a simple reversal of aforementioned ‘systemic imperatives’ to name the easiest example - thus gaining a palpable advantage.
It is in the light of this, that we should wonder wether the uneven distribution of sociopathic behaviour exhibited by those in the positions of the highest socio-economic standing are not a result of their innate predispositions, but an example of the inevitable systematic breeding towards their development.
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