The Sentient Meat Crafting illusory Identities


<< Psychedelics are always inspirational >>, I heard someone say.

In an attempt to restrain from absolutes.

Conventional constructs collapse on psychedelics. The concept of self being separate from the world for one (a certain part(s) of the brain responsible for this particular task is/are disrupted)  – I would speculate, this is why people feel ‘ONE-with-the-universe' on shrooms so often.

Therewith, one is free to 'reconstruct'.
Whether the reconstruction holds any value or is a 'better explanation’ varies alas..

Disintegration of constructs paves the way towards awareness (a liberation from inherited patterns), nevertheless if one is not lucky enough to construct something better to replace the olden ones with, it could deliver but short lived (as brief as the duration of the drug effect, or simply false) epiphanies. Thus tripping does not BREED awareness necessarily. 

Once the utility functions become clear and solidify,  methods and structural order follow. As one attains considerable freedom, his or her behavior may appear lavish to those still constricted – imagine the first lady putting them pants on –. However, upon closer investigation, few could honestly dismiss their own chains, in light of said liberation.

Then there is confidence. I'd like to compare it to existential/identity CRISIS. For someone in their 20s, the simplest cure is to go out there and gain some existential/identity CAPITAL.
Withal confidence, important as it may be, falls short of what I'm describing.
Hunger for external rewards should naturally diminish or at least shift, to draw from those or that, which has attained a higher utility.

People often be actin' in complete fervor confronted by a confident person. Those affected by baseless confidence just don't bother to look (as denoted by lower utility), by itself confidence is worthless in the eyes of those that do. In fact what is confidence if not a bizarre evolutionary relic, comparable to puffing up of feathers. A mirage that cannot be trusted to reflect efficasy to any degree of accuracy.

All this growth and striving for betterment and development is not so much a state as a process of increasing order (information).
It would be difficult to reduce it to something like an ideology, because it is simply the path life on earth has taken, written in decipherable history of our species. Progress towards order - from carbon, to protein molecules, to information compression in DNA, to opposable thumb, to virtual internet limbs.  

To outthink our adversaries and to manipulate the environment better is the trend for survival today as much as it ever was.

There is NO purpose, everyone is welcome to make it up in spite of that. We advance despite of pointlessness.
Sentience came about by chance, just ponder what might come about by sentience.
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