The Sentient Meat Crafting illusory Identities


Restaurants around here don't serve rabbit.
Yet I’ve got the shakes for it. Rabbit is what I need - rabbit is what it has to be.

Pet store:
- Do you have rabbits?
= YES! *shows me to the furry section*
- That one looks delicious. I'll take it.
= *Laughing* - This one's a girl. 8 weeks old.
- Does it come from a GOOD family? No murderers or rapist within the tribe, I hope? I keep hearing about rabbits gone mad, ripping faces off of their unsuspecting owners.
= *Handing me the receipt* - Yeah, yeah. Good family, a good family.
- Oh! Does it come with a warranty as well? Will it last longer if refrigerated?
= *uncomfortable laughter*

Google search “cool facts about rabbits"; “rabbit skinning”; “blood stain remover”.

Bloody bathroom. Bony steak. Monday afternoon.
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