The Sentient Meat Crafting illusory Identities


If we make progress in hardware - we make progress in brain scanning.
If we make progress in brain scanning - we make progress in brain reverse engineering.
If we make progress in brain reverse engineering - we make progress in AI.

What we have here is hardware progress interlinked with software progress - the most transforming capacity for creatures that are self-aware.
Once we have achieved AGI the world will hit the pipe.

You have to be very lucky to get anywhere close to exploiting the 'maximum' human experience that the present time has to offer. It may appear as if ‘ the best', ‘good’, ‘bad' are just what we, experiencing creatures made up; it is circumstantial, arbitrary. We did so, I imagine, because self-awareness responds so strongly to emotions (joy - G, sad - B, boring - B, interesting - G, etc) mainly to alleviate suffering.
However this is precisely where we may obtain the objectivity of value. It is the framework of the biological experiencing creature that sets up the scales. 

Self-awareness is not perfect, it is flawed by design. Say my experiencing companion says something utterly dull and pointless, I may respond sarcastically: ‘well said' or try to develop that experience more constructively, but that's not what is happening  necessarily. I may just as well say: '...’ or go destructive depending on the heroic forces of my personality. Social norms are a string, though these are here to suit the needs of groups of organisms, they are themselves not necessarily moving towards the better experience for a human agent. They merely progress towards.. something.

Is it better to have less pain? Is it better to live around clean air? Is it better to experience a lot?
Not necessarily, we are simply guided and steered by evolutionary principle to survive and ‘’what is not necessary is approaching meaning zero’’.

Consciousness selects for better experiences that would serve its survival. Evolutionary principles guide us, never the less we progress neutrally as we move in time. Thus progress is a broad concept. And so is time. As broad as the understanding of them, or the not understanding. We are prejudiced by design, by the laws of our containment.

We walk around the playground and tests our hypothesis: observe > develop scenarios > act > reflect and repeat.
These are the 'tools of coping’.

Although ‘’How pointless!’’ appears as the most appropriate response to the way the universe largely just IS, 'IS' is just another EXPERIENCE. An experience of understanding ‘IS' is only as profound as the UNDERSTANDING or the amount of understanding itself amounts to. 
For example one could say that you 'are no less wether you are self-aware or just a speck of dust in space, you are merely larger and more ordered assembly of information. You ARE no more than the dust IS. But that is limited. We can and have done better. But here’s the irony: once we come to grasp the rules of our containment and transgress it, objectivity goes out through the window. The quest for certainty grants uncertainty.
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